An exciting new advertising platform for craft breweries.


CraftBeerGo is a highly addictive mobile game.

FREE Gameplay

Players explore the real world of local craft beer through a fun, convenient, FREE and easy to use mobile app. Tasting the best craft beers in your area while leveling up and earning special rewards and discounts.

Target Customers

CraftBeerGo combines the addictive fun of a mobile game with the ever expanding niche craft beer industry providing new highly targeted opportunities for revenue generation in new demographics.

CBG Control Panel

Intuitive and easy to use interface connects brewery owners and managers to the game with full customization of product offerings and incentives. Goals and initiatives are tracked and analysed.

In App Partnerships

We are partnering with the top transportation providers across the country to integrate a completely “driverless” craft brewery experience for players reducing the frequency of impaired driving.

The Game

Get out of your beer comfort zone and try something new!
There are tasty and refreshing new beers being crafted every day.

As the craft beer industry is booming people are growing more and more comfortable with the ever expanding beer options in their towns and cities.

These customers are not content with mass produced, watered down, bland beers offered by the big brand names. They are smart, hip consumers with a very discerning palate.

CraftBeerGo offers breweries a unique opportunity to connect these aficionados with their products through a fun addictive game. CraftBeerGo intuitive C-panel lets breweries evaluate and analyse product trends and target marketing to this demographic.

Players open a slick fast responding application on their Android or IOS device and are quickly immersed in an interactive map of breweries to visit and products to consume.

Players level up their skills in four main categories:

In this example the player has achieved Palate: 67 | Explorer:15 | Knowledge:53 | Safety:100 | Total Player Level: 58.75

  • Palate Development

    Algorithms determine the value of a beer based on flavor characteristics and points are awarded to the player for making interesting choices.

  • Brewery Exploration

    Whether you are a world traveler or more of local patron you can earn rewards for checking out new breweries and points to level up your account.

  • Beer Knowledge

    Random trivia questions expand a players understanding of beer fundamentals and dive deeper into the craft as you level up.

  • Safety Ranking

    Getting home safely after a fun night out exploring craft beer is more important than anything else. Maintain 100% (SR) by catching a ride home.

Typical Player Profiles

Attract a fresh new demographic and inject more energy into your brewery!
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username: palealegirl

Palate: 17 | Explore: 22 | Knowledge: 55 | Safety: 100 | Overall Player Level: 48.5
Ashley is a recent graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors Degree in business management. At 25 years old with annual income of about 48K and a mountain of student debt she finds CraftbeerGo to be a refreshing monthly release from the chaos of everyday life. She logs in an average of twice a month and spends between $25-55 monthly on craft beer.
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username: nitrobrewfreak

Palate: 36 | Explore: 18 | Knowledge: 71 | Safety: 100 | Overall Player Level: 56.25
Kyle turned 21 this year and is currently studying web design at his community college. He works part time and has an annual income of around 18K. He finds time to hang out with his friends at local breweries and gets out roughly once a month to socialize. He spends an average of $25 monthly on craft beer. He logs into CraftBeerGo once or twice a month.
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username: blondebrew32

Palate: 55 | Explore: 62 | Knowledge: 15 | Safety: 100 | Overall Player Level: 58
At 32 years old Jessica is the marketing manager for a big national chain of furniture retailers in Orange County CA. She enjoys exposing her friends and family to the local craft beers and is always surrounded by a cloud of enthusiasm. An annual income of 76K affords her the luxury of getting out on the town almost every weekend. She spends roughly $100 USD per month on beer. She is a frequent user of our transportation partners. She logs into CraftBeerGo 4-5 times per month!
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username: cropsofhops

Palate: 77 | Explore: 82 | Knowledge: 91 | Safety: 100 | Overall Player Level: 87.5
Jason is a 33 year old account manager for a local service company in his hometown of Charlotte, NC. He has always appreciated the rarer beers and now that his local brewery scene is taking off he is in beer heaven. Annual income of 66K and financially stable he gets out every weekend. He logs into CraftBeerGo 4-7 times per month and spends almost $200 monthly in craft beer purchases.

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